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Latest News – O2 Site Development

O2 Site Development – Article 31 Direction – May 2023

Letters sent by RedFrog residents and others have prompted The Planning Casework Unit to issue an Article 31 Direction. This means that Camden may not grant planning permission until the Secretary of State has decided whether or not to call in the application.

The Planning Casework Unit has written as follows:

I can confirm that the application is currently under consideration and your views, along with all other relevant information, will be taken into account before the Secretary of State decides whether or not to call-in the application for determination. 
In this instance, you will wish to know that an Article 31 Direction under the Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) (England) Order 2015 was issued by PCU on 26 April, the effect of which prevents the Council from granting planning permission without special authorisation.